One Outfit, Under $50

I have been thinking about spring a lot lately (or actually pretending it is spring would be more accurate). I read a great post on how to wear coral over at Polyvore. According to them (and I quite agree), coral is going to be a key color to incorporate into wardrobes this spring season. Mix it with neutrals like grey and beige for a soft look, or bold by mixing in brights and metallics.
Here is a casual coral outfit for spring:

Feather Print Slub Top $15.80 from Forever 21

Feathers are a whimsical trend that hit this year. I love this casual top with contrast feather print and metallic accents.

Foldover Jersey Skirts $15.00 from Old Navy

A soft jersey skirt with comfortable foldover waist makes for a refreshing alternative to jeans or shorts. I want to buy one in every color and wear them for the rest of spring / summer.

Snake T-Strap Sandal $9.00 from GO Jane

These sandals are a nice comfy alternative to the ON flip-flop that I usually spend my summer in. T-Strap sandals are one of my favorite trends this season and come in a variety of styles.

*On a completely unrelated note, the first episode of America's Next Top Model is tonight.... so if you are into that show (and I just can't help myself), don't miss it.*

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love this outfit. And I love the fold over skirt - it was a staple when I was pregnant since it would fit over my belly as it grew. I think I'm going to go get one - I love skirts for the spring and summer.

  2. Excellent point about this skirt being a great maternity (and probably post-maternity) option. It's available in 6 colors too!

  3. i could live in a skirt like that!


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