I Could Do That: Watercolor Print Dress

Remember this dress I was pining over a few weeks ago?

ECI Print Charmeuse Blouson Dress - Nordstrom - $148.00

I wasn't the only one pining and plotting to have one for myself. Kayla, of Freckles in April, actually did something about it. She created this watercolor print on a simple silk and made a sheath dress.

Make sure to check out her tutorial, and her blog. It's awesome.


  1. This is fantastic, and the dress is gorgeous! I'm so impressed.

  2. @Janssen yes, totally. Haha.

    By the way.. I dont comment much but I love this blog. Thank you for creating such a genius idea.

  3. What a fab idea! I really need to start making more of my own clothes!

    Heading over to check out Kayla's blog now!


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