Welcome Tate Cameron

Tate was born on Tuesday morning after a short and intense delivery. We are completely in love with the little guy and are having a hard time on concentrating on anything but his little coos and yawns.

The hospital had a photographer come and take pictures of him in our room the day after he was born, which we then had the option to buy. Who could not buy a disc full of beautiful pictures of the most amazing creature you had ever laid eyes on? I am such a sucker for this kid already! I think the pictures turned out great, and I am so happy we have them.

Things here will be slow for a bit as I am adjusting to motherhood and snuggling with the babe.

Also, I have some good news! Starting on Wednesday, I will be blogging at baby's first year for babble, where I will be sharing the good, the bad, and the honest of mothering a newborn. I will make sure to share links to my posts, I hope you guys will check it out.


  1. Congratulations! He's so adorable.

  2. I tried to comment a while ago, but you know...blogger hates blogging?


    Tate is so beautiful. I love his name. I wish our hospital offered this photography service too...I'd do it in a heartbeat.

  3. So precious!! That *is* so nice to have the photography service at the hospital.

    Hope you, baby Tate & your husband are healthy & well :)

  4. Hes beautiful, perfect,adorable and any other happy word! Congrats

  5. He is just precious! Congratulations! Love his name too.

  6. Madeline, congrats! Tate is so precious! Love his name btw! Hope you all are adjusting to being a family of three. P.S. Loved your birthing story, amazing.

  7. He is so adorable! Congradulations!


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