Anthropologie Tag Sale

Somehow I missed this email from Anthropologie earlier this week:

Starting yesterday, they added a slew of items to their sale section. Here are my favorites (that are still in stock):

1 - Swirlscape Tank - $29.95 (Orig. $48.00)
2 - Daughters Of The Liberation High-Waist Trousers - $59.95 (Orig. $118.00)
3 - Elapid Necklace - $19.95 (Orig. $38.00)
4 - Daughters Of The Liberation Cropped Zip Skinny - $49.95 (Orig. $88.00)
5 - Usekh Necklace - $29.95 (Orig. $48.00)
6 - Whispering Magnolia Tunic - $39.95 (Orig. $68.00)

What do you think of my picks? Have any of you had a chance to check out the sale selection in the store? Leave your thoughts below.

PS - Don't forget to enter to win a swim suit from Lime Ricki!


  1. oh I wish I knew you didn't know about this tag sale! Few selected stores opened early yesterday to Anthropologie card holders but before leaving my math class early I checked Anthro's website and I honestly wasn't impressed with their sale selection. Nothing from my wish list made to sale. On the other hand I totally like this high waist trousers and the tunic you posted! Very cure.

  2. I just bought shirt #1 at the Gap for $15 yesterday! :)


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