Can't Get Enough: Floral Blouses

I am sure you are all thinking is she really posting on blouses again? You bet I am. I was reminded yesterday how much I love them when I walked into Forever 21 and saw floral blouses everywhere. I wanted to take every single one home. {I held back and just bought this one - I consider it a little "someday you will have a waist again" present.}

{As a happy side note, I was at the mall yesterday because my company gave every employee an iPad. I went into the Apple Store to exchange the black version I was given, for a white model. On my way out I couldn't help but zip into Forever 21.}

Here are a few floral blouses I have been eying lately.

1 - Sheer Blouse & Camisole Set - Kmart - $10.99 (Orig. $21.99)
2 - Ditsy Violets Woven Top - Forever 21 - $19.80
3 - Ethereal Floral Top- Forever 21 - $15.80
4 - Ruffled Chiffon Top - Old Navy $12.99 (Orig. $26.50)

So what do you think of floral blouses? Will you be jumping on the bandwagon? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. I don't have anything floral in my closet, but I love these tops so maybe I'll have to change that. My favorite is #2, the one you got. Also, that is so awesome that you got a free iPad!!

  2. I like number 1, but I'm still stuck on the free iPad. Awesome! So jealous!

  3. I have number 4! I love it and get compliments all the time

  4. We LOVE your blog! You have the best taste! We are faithful followers :)


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