Look for Less: Anthropologie Coming & Going Skirt

Rachel (of Shoes & Sewing) sent me this fabulous look for less recently.

Coming & Going Skirt - Anthropologie - $118.00 (Sold Out)
Pursuing Pleats Polka Dot Skirt - Ruche - $45.99

It's such a dead ringer! What do you think? Is this something you would wear? Leave your thoughts below.


  1. These are great. Love the yellow.

  2. I love that skirt! And I love how you hunt for deals. Its super duper helpful. Thanks for the hard work you are doing on this blog. Its awesome. Yes I would wear that.

  3. Heck yeah I would wear this skirt! I love the ruffles and the polka dots! The yellow is so fun and springy but the darker one would be more slimming. :)


  4. So adorable!! Unfortunately, these types of skirts kind of scare me... I worry that the ruffles and pleats will just make me look hippier (as in, wide around the rear, not "free love") :-)

  5. I love this skirt, but I don't think that this look would look good on my figure.

  6. Absolutely! I'm not really one for skirts, but this is just too cute to pass up.

  7. I LOVE both of those skirts!!

    I'd totally wear that, although it might be a tad short. Oh man, so many cute skirts out there that are just a hair too short!

  8. Hey..
    nice skirts. I love both...

    Found your blog today.. totally love it..
    m now following you.. :)

  9. I am such a yellow fan but I look horrible in it, totally washes me out. I love both skirts so much! I love the texture.

  10. LOVE your "look for less" AND your blog....I blogged about your blog in my post today!! =)
    (could I say "blog" anymore??!!)

    happy shopping!!!


  11. ohhhh just found your blog and I love it! Now following!


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