Thank You

I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciated your sweet comments on my last post. It was so comforting to read about some of you who are currently in similar situations or those of you who have gone through them in the past.

You guys are really the best readers a blogger could ask for.

I'll make sure to keep you in the loop as we decide exactly what our plans will be.

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  1. Sorry i'm getting to this kind of late! I just wanted you to know we are kind of in the same boat too! My husband just finished law school and can't seem to find anything! Nobody wants to hire you until you've passed the bar exam which he won't take and get the results for 4 months! I'm not sure how they expect you to get by!

    Also for what it's worth, we also had to make that hard decision to move away from family for school. We had our first one while we were there. It's hard but you make new friends and learn to grow where you're planted! ;)


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