Store Spotlight: Lamorez

Recently, I was perusing Etsy, and I stumbled on this Lamorez shop. I loved the bags and thought you guys might like them too.

1 - Leather Bag - In Grey with brown Double Strap - $38
2 - Summer Bow Bag in Golden Rod - Adjustable Strap -$32
3 - Rock n Roll in Grey - Double Strap - $35
4 - Leather Tote - Almond - $30 (Orig. $45)
5 - Denim Blue Shoulder Bag with Leather Strap - $35
6 - Summer Bow Bag in Teal - Adjustable Strap - $32

Check out Lamorez here.

Which one is your favorite? Are they something you would carry?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow, most bags on Etsy that look this good are way more expensive -- great find! I especially love the yellow bow bag; I would definitely carry it around.

  2. I love #6 - the color is so fun and would really make an outfit pop! I'm going to check this out - love Etsy!

  3. I like 2,3 and 6. Really cute. Decent prices too.

  4. I LOVE #2! That would be sooo cute with almost anything!

  5. Oooh, I just love that yellow bow bag. Saw it on your post yesterday. I'm in love!!

  6. I was noticing these are shipped from Malaysia? Is that a problem for you? I am unsure how I feel about it coming internationally, since it could take longer and cost more for shipping.

  7. Many Etsy sellers ship internationally. I have heard that many are nearly as quick as within the states. It does cost a bit more though.

  8. Oh that yellow bag. The yellow bag! Ohhh that yellow bag. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a bag type of person but my heart literally beat a little faster--I felt it physically speed up! I don't think clothes have ever done that to me!


    Time to go drop a hint towards The Boy? Not that that ever works...

    Oh my goodness, that bag.


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