Reader Request: How to Look Taller

I got an email request from Melanie a few weeks ago,

I'm 5'8" tall, but I feel like I photograph much shorter . I know that you can change your camera angle to look taller, but I was curious (aside from wearing a completely monochromatic outfit) what are some different styles I can try to look taller? Do you know any look-taller style secrets?


Here are a few tips for looking as long and lean as possible:
  • Go monochromatic.
  • Contrast color or texture with a an open blazer or cardigan for maximum vertical lines.
  • Any stripes on the garment should be vertical.
  • Match tights to skirt or pant and shoe color (or opt for a nude shoe with bare legs).
  • Use long necklaces or pendants and avoid chokers.
  • Wear skirts that are longer than they are wide.
  • Choose shoes with at least an inch heel: the taller the better.
  • Elongate the neck with V-necks.
  • Make sure you stand up straight!

{tights, pinstripe shirt, nude shoes}

Do you guys have any tips to share for looking tall? Leave 'em below.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. hahaha, i'm 5'9" and i just stand next to my three 5'2" sisters to feel taller :)

  2. Lol. I laughed at the title of this post because I'm ginormously tall- well, it feels like it anyway. I don't need to make myself look any taller than my 5 feet 10 or 11 inches.

  3. Rebecca- I guess you could do the exact opposite of these to counteract height. haha.

    I am 5'2" and have terrible posture, which is probably why I have been likened to a hobbit and a 4th grader. But, my height doesn't bother me, I just wear what I like, even if it makes me look shorter.

  4. Appropriate-length trousers with pointy-toed shoes will at least make your legs look longer, if not make you look taller.


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