Look for Less: Anthro Wee Flower Pot Posts

I was perusing Anthro's jewelry section and boy was I pleasantly surprised. I found these posts that are a dead ringer for Erica's earrings I gave away just last week.

Wee Flower Pot Posts - Anthropologie $24.00
Beauty Rose Earrnings in Pearly Cream - 28th Street Photo & Gift - $12.00

What do you think? A dead ringer, no?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. you are so right! those are so cute!

  2. They have these exact same earrings at Nordstrom for $6.

  3. You truly are amazing at finding all these bargains! They are so pretty!

  4. Meghann - I looked through the earrings online at Nordstrom, and couldn't find anything for less than $20. Have you spotted them in store?

  5. Not to like... detract from a blog sponsor... but the findings are all over etsy if you search in the supplies section for VERY cheap (you could get enough, with shipping from Singapore, to make several pairs at either of these prices) and you can get a packet of earring posts for like a buck and some change.


  6. Madeline,
    YES, you have to look upstairs in the juniors department. They have loads of adorable, super feminine earrings for six bucks! Really! The "regular" earrings are just too expensive.


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