J.Crew: 30% off Sale Section

J.Crew is offering 30% off their sale section (online + instore) | coupon code : EXTRA30

Here are a few things I have my eye on:

1 - Skimmer Pant - $20.99 (Orig. $69.50)
2 - Frances Stripe Ruffled Tuxedo Shirt - $27.99 (Orig. $89.50)
3 - Glitter Petals Tee- $20.99 (Orig. $39.50)
4 - Impressionist Pencil Skirt - $41.99 (Orig. $110)
5 - Tissue Pleated Top - $20.99 (Orig. $45.00)
6 - Tissue Ruffle Tank - $13.99 (Orig. $39.50)
7 - Softspun Cotton Cardigan - $27.99 (Orig. $49.50)
8 - Solid Bow Halter Tank - $27.99 (Orig. $78.00)

What do you guys think? Is 30% off enough to get you to buy?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. You should definitely get the Frances Stripe Ruffle shirt -- I bought it full price because I thought it was SO precious. It's my favorite; even at full price, I'm glad I bought it!

  2. Grr. I want that swimsuit soooo badly. Why oh why do they never have things in my size?

  3. YES! We DID buy, and got so many terrific things at the downtown Seattle store...$150 after the 30% off got us 10 different items. I love their "additional off" sales.

  4. Love the pencil skirt but I currently have 34 of them. :)

  5. I love JCrew -- and it's really only with this discount that I can ever justify buying anything there. I ordered a bathing suit, down from $120, I paid $42!! :) Annnnnnnnd I got a little dress (i'll use it as a bathing suit coverup) for $24, originally $80!


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