Friday Wishlist: Ann Taylor White Skinnies

White pants. Most people have an immediate and determined reaction to these. Last summer, I wore a pair of white sailor pants to work and a coworker said, "White pants, huh? That's brave." I don't think they are brave, I think they are fabulous.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of white skinnies this spring, and have been thus far disappointed. I had an epiphany, I have got to buy these at a truly adult store. Any pairs I have found in the juniors department have entirely too much stretch and for some reason are always distressed.

I spotted this pair in the sale section at Ann Taylor, after an email told me about new mark downs.

 White Denim Modern Skinny Jeans - Ann Taylor - $59.99 (Orig. $88.00)

What do you guys think of white pants? Would you wear these? What's your fashion dream this week?

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I love my white denim leggings. I stuffed them in my suitcase last-minute for a trip to LA, and I wore them more than anything else while I was there. And they're not just for skinny girls. Worn with a tunic/short dress, they got me several compliments.

    Love your blog.

  2. love the look...white is such a fabulous color. but scared of them. sloppy kids, sloppy mom, underwear issues? i'll admire from afar.

  3. I'd wear them in a second! I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect skinny cords for school in the fall... So happy to have found your blog.

  4. I have a couple of pairs of white pants/jeans, and love them, They always come out during the spring/summer, and look great with cute sandals and a bright top.

  5. Love white jeans, especially Ann Taylor - skinny ones, not so much! You really have to have the right physique to wear those and I can't pull them that off. White pants aren't as scary as many think since you can just bleach them if you get something on them. As far as undies - wear nude color and no one will see them :)

  6. If they are the right cut I could definitely see myself wearing them... but for me that's harder since I am so short. These are cute!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  7. Oh my, I have this pair of jeans and LOVE them. They are totally worth the price. I'm short too and their petite section is wonderful.

  8. i used to think absolutely NOT!!! but the older i get the more i like them. go figure. but i agree that they should be found at an adult store not in a juniors section. and i would want mine to have more structure. no one needs to see my flaws. if that makes sense. they are oh so summery and fabulous. good luck finding a pair for yourself.


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