EVO Wrap Up

As I mentioned last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend EVO (the evolution of women and social media conference). I am so grateful to Avery for sponsoring my admission. I had the chance to get to know 8 other ladies who were also in the Avery crew.

Melissa | Stephanie | Rachel | Amy | Emily | Alma | Michelle | Kristina

We had the opportunity to attend so many wonderful keynote addresses, seminars, and meals. I took in so much information that it's hard to talk about it all. I think the message that most resonated with me was that of blogging authentically {Stephanie posted some wonderful thoughts on this}. I honestly think that this conference has made a lasting impression and will definitely impact how I blog from here on out.

Melissa (who I roomed with and talked with more than I thought possible in the 2 days we were there) was kind enough to take an outfit pic of me on the final day (as well as let me borrow her sweater when I stained my top).

{downeast basics cardigan - borrowed, chambray skirt - i made it {tutorial 1 + tutorial 2}, shoes - payless}


  1. Your skirt looks lovely! Sounds like a fun conference.

  2. Anyone need any graphic design or blog design hit me up rebekah.newby@gmail.com

  3. We did talk a lot!

    It was an awesome conference. I am so glad that Avery made that possible for us.

  4. So great to meet you!! And if you are ever in Denver, we should meet up for lunch or shopping! :) Can't wait to keep up with your blog. I LOVE it!!

  5. i LOVE the skirt!!! you did such a fabulous job...makes me want to make another chambray one!


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