Old Navy Sale

Last week, I told you about the 30% off everything sale at Old Navy. Apparently, the sale is extending through Tuesday, so I found some things that I think are worth picking up.
1 - Stretch Tank - $5.60 (Orig. $12.50)
2 - Denim Trouser Bermudas (12") - $17.15 (Orig. $24.50)
3 - Lightweight Twisted-Front Cardigan - $14.00 (Orig. $29.50)
4 - Diva Skinny Jeans - $13.99 (Orig. $29.50)
5 - Ruffled Bomber Jacket - $18.54 (Orig. $29.50)
6 - Faux Leather Tube Sandals - $10.48 (Orig. $19.50)

Did any of you take advantage of the sale over the weekend? What did you pick up? What about these, any you would take home? Leave a comment (I mean, seriously, I am genuinely interested.)

Oh yeah, don't forget to use coupon code : ONBIG30 to get the deal online.

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I went!
    I picked up the sweater you have listed here, only in brown
    stocked up on some solid color tanks and a few t-shirts

    but it wasn't as good as the NY&C sale!
    boyfriend shorts for $8
    white straight legged jeans for $12

    or the LOFT sale!
    Embroidered Tanks for $8
    shorts/skirts/pants....well, EVERYTHING, the whole store was 40% off...sale items and everything.

    it was stock up weekend for this girl!

  2. I like those sandals! Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. I got the sweater, a couple pairs of shorts, some unmentionables (super de duper LOVE their mesh hipsters - it's like you're not wearing anything and there is no VPL, unfortch they're out of the nude color, which is the best panty I own for wearing with white bottoms)
    Also got a couple v-neck layering tanks, which ended up being 3.50 for the pink color, and some ruched v-neck shirts, which have a nice dip but aren't too deep for modesty's sake.

  4. @Holly, Thanks for the heads up on the NY & C sale. It's great! (And I have zero self control when it comes to the Loft, so I better not head over there :D)

    @SAZ&P, I am so glad you hit up the sale and found good stuff that you love!

  5. very, very cute! I like the shorts and cardigan

  6. Looove Old Navy. I was browsing their website today and I was getting really excited because everything is 30% off...

    Remember to enter for your chance to win a Two Strap Belt from Sway!


  7. Oh, Old Navy, how I love thee? Thanks for sharing about the sale!

  8. I love all those items! The bomber jacket especially. The cardigan was out of my size by the time I made it to the store last night, or I would have gotten that too! I ended up grabbing a couple embellished T's, two pair flip flops and a sports bra (love theirs!).

  9. I got a maternity swimsuit and I am so excited for it to get here! But I am totally in love with everything you picked. So cute!

  10. I scored a pair of pink cropped pants with zippers for 6 bucks! It was such a great sale!


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