I Could Do That: Bicycle Silhouette Tee

I spotted this Urban Outfitters tee a few weeks ago when it went on clearance. It was only $10, so I could have easily purchased it. The reason I didn't take the plunge was because nothing screams hypocrite like wearing a tee claiming to be 'car free' while driving 4 blocks to work. I was really taken with the navy white combo and the simple bike silhouette.

Urban Outfitters {sold out}

I figured it would be easiest enough to make one of these with a solid tee and some fabric paint.

{Merona V-Neck Tee - $8.00 + fabric paint - $1.39 = $9.39}
{click here for full size bicycle stencil image}

Some of you may remember freezer paper stenciling that was all the rage a few years ago. It's so easy and the perfect method for this project.

How To

Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Something made of fabric

1. Print out your stencil image
2. Using an exact-o knife, cut out the black sections
3. Iron on a piece of freezer paper on the opposite side of the fabric where you plan to do the stencil.
4. Iron on the stencil cut out of freezer paper onto your fabric.
5. Using fabric paint, brush the stencil with paint thoroughly.
6. Dry briefly with a blow dryer (only takes a couple minutes).
7. Apply paint again, blow dry again until desired color is reached.
8. Peel off paper carefully.
9. Voila! Wait a couple days to wash it.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would you wear a bike silhouette tee? Have you done any freezer paper stenciling?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I've been wanting to try out the freezer paper stencils for a LONG time now but I can't seem to find freezer paper anywhere! The only place I've seen them is a HUGE megaroll at Safeway and I only want a little bit. Any tips where I should be looking?

  2. What I really love about that shirt is the neckline...is that simply cut and left raw, or did they finish it somehow?

  3. kimmie - i bought a mega roll at the grocery store more than a year ago. if i recall it was pretty cheap. i have tons left over but it's nice to know i always have some on hand.

    mixcreative - i think it is a finished neckline. unfortunately they shirt went out of stock before i could snag a decent picture of it.

  4. i would love to do a men's tee for my husband for father's day. he loves bikes.

  5. i want to see the finished product! such a cool idea. and you know i love bicycles...

  6. Wax paper works just as well as freezer paper and it's super cheap at Walmart and the like.


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