Hair Pin Styling Tips

After posting about Susan's Beehive Bazaar outfit last week, many of you commented that you don't know how to wear that kind of hair pin. I thought I would show you my favorite way to wear them.

Here are a few visual guidelines from Miss Zooey Deschanel herself {from this fantastic fansite}:


I took these very pictures to my hairdresser last time I got a cut. I love the contrast of the yellow flowers against her hair.


I like the fact that this bow pin is a bit of a throwback to childhood. I think it's adorable paired with her sophisticated sheath.

I also think it would be great to throw one on to accessorize a loose side bun.

Here are a few different hair pin options (all under just $6!):

1 - Rosette Bobby Pin - Forever 21 - $5.80
2 - Satin Grosgrain Bow Pins - Forever 21 - $1.50
3 - Leather Poppy Hair Pins - DownEast Basics - $3.99
4 - Fab Bow Hair Clips - Forever 21 - $1.50
5 - Fab Dainty Satin Bobby Pins - Forever 21 - $1.50
6 - Metallic Bow Hair Clips - Forever 21 - $2.50

What do you think of hair pins like this? Is this a look you would wear?

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Happy Shopping!


  1. She is too cute. She makes everything look good. Of course they're darling on their own also.

  2. fantastic post. love the F21 pins.


    xo Alison

  3. I love hair pins. I have a bit of a problem walking the line between "cute and youthful" and "you're an adult, stop dressing like you're 5." I think keeping the rest of the look sleek and sophisticated (like the Zooey sheath above) is important to avoid looking twee.

  4. Your blog is great - you definitely have an eye for style!

  5. THANK YOU!!!!! I own those F21 dainty satin bobby pins, but just couldn't figure out how to wear them.

  6. okay.. i have those F21 flower hair pins but seriously, i've tried everything and they just look funny! :( Maybe I'm just not used to having a little flower stick out the side of my head.

  7. I just cut my hair like that. I need to get some of those cute barrettes.


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