Check It Out: Sales and Links


This upcycled dress, to borrow a phrase, is bananas.

Sal's ruminations on taking a deep breath and walking away from the sales rack.

If you like Susan's elastic waist skirt tutorial, then you'll love the covered elastic version from Tania.

And I have been loving Elaine's modest runway picks.


It's Memorial Day weekend, a notoriously good time for sales.
Any other deals or posts you want to share?

Thanks for reading,

I hope you have a great weekend!

PS - The blog redesign giveaway ends Sunday!


  1. You're right about the upcycled dress, Straight from a Anthro Look Book. That's amazing.

  2. I'm up there with Susan and Elaine...I feel like sewing royalty :)

  3. I adore you, doll. Thanks for the shout-out!!


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