Style File: Jessica {Tunics & Belts}

Some of you may remember my post for Jessica last week. She's a lowered figured gal trying to learn the best way to wear skinny jeans. Go to that post to read about my tips for finding skinny jeans that work. She continued her email with this question,

What types of tops are good for a pear like me to wear with skinny jeans?

My tips on what to pair with skinny jeans for the pear:
  • Keep your tops light & bright. Feel free to add color and pattern liberally to elevate attention from your bottom half.
  • Accentuate your waist, as it's one of your best assets
A great way to minimize the transition from your itsy waist to your fuller hips is to wear a tunic length top. And don't forget to cinch your smallest point with a belt.

Here are a few tunic finds:

1 - Abstract Tunic Set - Kohl's - $16.80 (Orig. $42.00)
2 - Striped 3/4 Sleeve Shirt - Forever 21 - $13.50
3 - Geometric Tunic - Kohl's - $14.40 (Orig. $36.00)
4 - Drawstring Striped Tunic - Forever 21 - $11.50
5 - Striped Ruffled Tunic - Kohl's - $15.20 (Orig. $38.00)
6 - Lauren Conrad Roll-Tab Henley Tunic - Kohl's - $21.99 (Orig. $38.00)

And a few fun belts to mix and match with them:

1 - Wide Woven Belt - Forever 21 - $4.50
2 - Studded Metallic Belt - Forever 21 - $14.80
3 - Mini Braid Belt - DownEast Basics - $14.99
4 - Criss Cross Belt - DownEast Basics - $14.99
5 - Sliced Front Elastic Belt - Forever 21 - $7.80
6 - Patent Bow Belt - Forever 21 - $5.80

What do you think of this look? Is it something you would wear? Tips to impart on dressing a lower figure body?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!

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  1. You are fantastic! I could use some fashion tips too!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads

  2. I love it. I am definitely not pear shaped as I have no butt to speak of, unfortunately, but I love this style! And I am loving the patent bow belt from F21! So cute!

  3. I really have no idea what shape I am, but seeing how cute you were in your skinny jeans yesterday just might have inspired me to try some... we'll see!

  4. I like this for the most part--love belts to show off the waist!--but I try to avoid shirts that fall low and hit me exactly at the widest points of my hips. Might just be me, but I feel like it makes me look wider. Especially if it's a light shirt over dark pants.

  5. I'm the same size and body type as Jessica and I've found tunics to be great, especially with belts! You have some great options here. Something particularly flattering, at least for me, is when the tunic has a curved hem... is it called a shirt tail hem? I'm not sure, but it's where the front and back of the shirt dip down more than the sides. Wow I'm not sure if I'm making that clear, but for some reason that really works for me and my bigger bottom half.


  6. I can't figure out how to wear the belts! Do you wear them a little lower? do you wear them high right under your bust? I never know! Any help would be great!

  7. I wear them at my natural waist.


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