Protect Your Clothes: Wear an Apron

Most of this time I talk about ways to get yourself new clothes for a deal. I decided I should start a feature on ways to keep the clothes you have in good condition. The deal is negated if you get something on sale and it's ruined a month later.

Today we discuss wearing an apron.

I think that people don't wear aprons nearly often enough. I am not sure if they have never gotten in to the habit or that the just dislike the aesthetic.

Aprons should be worn when cooking, and I am not talking about a half apron either. Full aprons protect your clothes from splatters and spills, and give you an immediate place to wipe your hands.

Having a fun apron can go a long way to make the concept of protecting your clothes more appealing. I found a few options under $20:

1 - Russian Floral Apron - World Market - $19.99
2 - Red Poppy Apron - Bed Bath and Beyond - $19.99
3 - Black, White & Bright Suzani - World Market - $7.99

And here are my favorite choices from Anthropologie (which means they will cost you a bit more):

4 - Tea-And-Crumpets Apron - Anthropologie - $32.00
5 - The Lady's Apron - Anthropologie - $32.00
6 - Inked Octi Apron - Anthropologie - $32.00

Of course you can always make yourself an apron. I made one a few months ago and keep it on a hook in my kitchen for the easiest access.

What are your thoughts on wearing an apron? Do you do it, do you intend to?


  1. I wear an apron whenever I cook {which, sadly, is hardly ever}. I love the aprons from this Etsy shop because they're flattering, of good quality, and so cute in a very retro way.

    This is a great idea -- I look forward to reading your future posts on this subject!

  2. I love to wear an apron because it reminds me of my mom. I love to make an apron because it is so fast and creative. I am currently using my favorite flour sack (Bluebird, Cortez Colorado) to make children's aprons. They are darling.

  3. I'm all about aprons with pockets! What good is an apron if you have nowhere to stash a dishtowel, your cell phone, and maybe even a yet-to-be-cracked egg that keeps trying to roll off the counter?

  4. I would suggest looking at You can find some fabulous and beautiful handmade aprons there for a great price!

  5. I would have to change at least three times a day if I didn't wear an apron. I got my favorite apron off Etsy, but there are 3-4 aprons in constant rotation in my kitchen. Half-aprons are useless, IMO- most of my spillage/mess is on the top half of my body so I need a full apron. And I agree with Cathie-an apron NEEDS pockets!

  6. cute selection. great post. i should wear an apron when i cook but i tend to forget. gotta be better at that!

  7. How cute is that?? Love the one from Cost plus

  8. Madeline, these are the cutest aprons I have ever seen. Anthro has the best designs. I need to start wearing one to protect my clothes!

  9. You should feature aprons from Etsy. Lots of vintage and handmade lovelies, plus you get to support indie sellers!

  10. i always wear an apron cooking, washing dishes, wiping down the kitchen. it stops my clothing from getting dirty or wet.

  11. I don't wear an apron but I change out of my "good clothes" when I get home from work. Weird, yes. I have been wanting to get an apron because I think they are cute.

    I really like this new feature! I would love a feature on alterations too.

  12. I LOVE aprons - ha-ha, if you ask my family, they would deem me obsessed! ;) I actually make some of my own based on patterns that I like, then add my own improvisations... okay, anyways, they have some *ADORABLE* ones on All sorts of styles, colors, sizes, and for some pretty reasonable prices too! Y'all should check it out!


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