Look for Less: J.Crew Dotsalotsa Cami

I have been looking for a polka dot top for several months. In my search, I stumbled on these look-a-like tops.

Dotsalota Chiffon Cami - J.Crew - $138.00
Ruffled Polka Dot Knit Top - Forever 21 - $17.80

There are differences, to be sure. But with the pattern and sleeve similarities, I think the Forever 21 top is a great option (and a bit more modest to boot).

What do you guys think? Is this something you would wear?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. i like them both. i do love the deep v of the j crew one though....obviously i'd layer it up:o)

    i have had a brown and white polka dot sheer top from penny's for years. it is always a go to top for something different. glad i didn't toss it out with the give-aways:o)

  2. I actually like the F21 better.

  3. I actually like your find better than the J.Crew top! Great find!

  4. although i like that the j.crew one is a bit dressier, i love the F21 too, and it's price would totally win me over!

  5. I love both! Got to hand it to F21 for copying everything and making it so affordable!

    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I love it! The ruffled sleeves are too cute!


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