Inspired: Anthro Look {Color Story}

Anthropologie and the rest of the world are having a grand time mixing patterns as of late. I saw this outfit in the latest crop and thought it would be fun to recreate.

Here is my loose inspiration of the outfit:

Alex Stripe Tee - Fossil - $14.99 (Orig. $24.00)
Floral Printed Full Skirt - Urban Outfitters - $39.99 (Orig. $58.00)
Tiered Necklace - Urban Outfitters - $19.99 (Orig. $28.00)
Canvas Slip-Ons - Old Navy - $16.50
TOTAL: $91.47

I clearly took some liberties with the prints. I decided to swap the floral and graphic print, and opted for a bold stripe on top. Despite all that, I do think it has a very similar feel, especially with the accessory choices.

What do you guys think? Is this something you would wear?

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. down east basics has a cute skirt similar to this one, razzleberry skirt ($29.99) actually many of their skirts would work in this setting.

    i'm not brave enough to do two bold patterns. i could do a floral skirt, with a very very small polka dotta cami UNDER a solid top, perhaps.

  2. Perhaps a skinnier, more delicately striped tee would compliment that gorgeous floral skirt even more? Love the whole concept!

  3. I love the mixed patterns look, but can't seem to pull it off myself. Instead I'll just enjoy it on other people.

    That floral skirt is adorable.

  4. I'm with Heidi, I don't know if I could do 2 bold patterns, but I love the look! I actually looked in my closet the other day and noticed I hardly have any pattern at all. I'm so boring!


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