Survey Wrap Up

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First, I want to thank each and every one of you that took the survey. Really. Thank you.

I thought I would use this post as a forum to give voice to some of my thoughts resulting from the survey.

As much as I think I can separate myself from Über Chic for Cheap; to rationalize that it is something completely separate from me, just a collection of sales and cute shoes, the truth is, this blog has become a part of me. Very much a part of me. And the things it represents are close to my heart. If you are rolling your eyes, that's okay. I just want you to know that I take this all seriously {and sometimes a little too personally}.

I feel like I must approach this blog with my own aesthetics about style. If you don't share that same sense of style, that's fine, but it is my style. If you really want to see something outside the usual realm, please email me, I am more than happy to take requests.

Also, someone mentioned Google Reader not providing entire posts. I am aware of this, but have no idea how to change the setting.

As for content, I learned that the 'Look for Less' and 'Inspired' posts are among the favorites, so I will definitely continue to post on them regularly. I will also be making an effort to include more shoes, accessories, and outfit posts. Other than that, the tone and content will remain very much the same.

Again, I do really appreciate the feedback. You are all the best community of readers around.



  1. to allow Google Reader to see the entire post, I believe this is how you change that. You to your blogger "settings" tab. Select the "site feed" tab. Under the "allow blog feeds" option - choose "full". Select "save settings" & I believe that's how you get full visible feeds on Reader & other RSS's.

  2. Ha! I was just about to comment with the same information.

    Also: after reading your blog for a few months, I actually did the opposite with mine. I changed my settings so that only a paragraph or so would show up in Google Reader because I noticed that I always click over to read your full post, which I wouldn't do if the full post showed up in Google Reader. I know I don't click over to read most people's posts.

    Just some thoughts -- I hope they help. :)

  3. I really enjoy your blog!! And stay true to your own style - that's why we come! Plus all the great information that you provide!

  4. Thanks for following up on the poll -- it's great to know what you're thinking. Love your blog and you do a great job!!


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