Friday Wishlist: Knit Peplum Jacket

I have been thinking about blazers for awhile. And I think I have may found the ultimate solution. A knit blazer! I have heard of these on other blogs, including academichic. I wasn't sold from online pictures, but I tried this little lady on last weekend and I fell in love! None of the limited arm movement, and none of the awkward pulling that usually comes with my petite frame. If only I had snagged it with that 40% Give & Get coupon.

Double-Knit Blazer - $59.50 - Gap

In my extensive searching for knit blazers, I stumbled on this amazing one from Urban Outfitters. I don't buy things full price, but I think I might have to have this. Like really.

Kimchi Blue Knit Peplum Jacket - $48.00 - Urban Outfitters

What do you guys think? Any of you have a knit blazer? Leave your thoughts below.

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I LOVE a blazer with a peplum. It makes it so much more feminine. None of these "boyfriend" jackets for me! lol

  2. Yes! I love my knit blazer; part suit dressing, part cozy sweater. Mine is brown felted wool in panels, so it has and keeps more structure than a sweater, but affords more range of motion than any of my other jackets.

  3. I love the UO one, the pleats are just too cute!! :)

  4. And I just bought the UO peplum jacket. Weak self control. But I am totally head over heals over it.

  5. i work part time and gap and just bought this blazer. i am in love with it. it's the perfect balance blazer.

    (it just got marked down at our location... and we were also offering 25% off sale items this weekend... hurry and go look! it ends tonight!)

  6. I'm not crazy about the knit blazers. For me they don't hold their shape or structure like others. However, I have to say any blazer or structured jacket makes your outfit look more polished.

  7. I have the knit one from the Gap and I absolutely love it! My only problem is that I feel a bit goofy when I wear it. My friends and family aren't really into fashion, so when I wear something that I would consider slightly fashionable I get the 'ohhh look who's turned into a city girl' look. :)


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