Inspired: Anthro Look {Monochrome Art}

It seems that mixing prints is the thing this season. Many of the fashion bloggers I follow are experimenting with stripes & florals, or dots & stripes. (I however, have yet to leave the house in a mixed print ensemble. I put it on, and stare at the mirror for 5 minutes and replace my floral skirt with jeans before I leave.)

The latest batch of Anthropologie outfits revolves around the mixed print concept. This is the one that stuck out to me:

Here are a few pieces I think echo the feel of that outfit:

Floral-Print Fitted Cardigan - Speigal - $39.00 (Orig. $49.00)
AB Studio Dot Sheath Dress - Kohl's - $21.99 (Orig. $59.00)
Metal Clasp Stretch Belt - Charlotte Russe - $8.50
Wishbone Patent Wedge - Silhouettes - $14.99 (Orig. $34) - {this plus size store is having a huge $14.99 sale}
TOTAL: $84.48

What are your thoughts on mixing prints, have you been brave enough to try it? What do you think of the outfit?

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Happy Shopping!


  1. love this. i saw this outfit via a room somewhere and fell in love. you did a great job at finding pieces that echo the original outfit.

  2. only thing i wonder about is the size of the prints. in the anthro look it's small dots with larger floral. your look has the same feel, but i wonder if the two prints are to large?

    love the deal on the kohls dress.

  3. I wear polka dot shoes with a striped skirt, and I think it totally works. You just need to find a combo you like. I wish I could pull off Minnie Driver's mixed florals in "Return to Me," but I just haven't found the right prints yet.

  4. I love the mix but I think I'm too scared to try it. Maybe two prints that are a little more subtle.

  5. I was totally going to do this same post. so funny. Good job.

  6. Heather J - I saw it on a room somewhere too.

    Heidi Jo - You are right, my dress is much more bold in pattern. I couldn't find on that was as subtle + and I really like the Kohl's sheath, even if I wouldn't wear it with that sweater.

  7. Love the look! I need to mix prints more.

  8. I loved that outfit as well. Nice picks to recreate it.


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