JC Penny Statement Necklaces

I was reading gigi's gone shopping this weekend, and she mentioned a 30% off 50% off sale on accessories by Mixit at JC Penney. (She found a few different pieces in store, if you want to see IRL pics, click here.) Also, JC Penney is offering an extra 15% off any order by using coupon code: SUR10MAR.

I found a great selection of statement necklaces. Here are my favorites:

Prices updated to reflect 50% off discount + 15% off coupon code:

1 - Turquoise Stone Necklace - $14.44 (Orig. $34.00)
2 - Pearl/Gold Statement Necklace - $10.19 (Orig. $24.00)
3 - Yellow Statement Necklace - $12.74 (Orig. $30.00)
4 - Ribbon and Gold Chain Necklace - $10.19 (Orig. $24.00)
5 - Flower Statement Necklace - $14.44 (Orig. $34.00) {Reminds me of the Anthro Spring 09 Garish Necklace}
6 - Cream Fabric Flowers Statement Necklace - $12.74 (Orig. $24.00)

Don't forget to enter SUR10MAR at checkout for the extra 15% off!

What do you guys think of these statement necklaces? Is this a look you would wear? Leave a comment!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. I think statement necklaces are tres chic when I see them on someone else {in a J. Crew catalog, for instance}, but I'm not sure if I have the guts to wear one myself. I'm very hypocritical like that.


  2. I love these! I can't believe they're from JCP! and for such affordable prices. I think statement necklaces are great, especially to dress up an outfit when you only feel like wearing something simple.

  3. I have always loved JCP. I think they get better and better every year. They also have a knock off of Jcrew's Frances blouse on their website. Here is a link to it, but it is kind of long:

  4. I too really like this "style" of necklaces but, have never thought I could pull off the look! Such a cute look, much like J. Crew but a third of the price!

  5. i echo mary's sentiments. love them on someone else...freak out about being so bold myself. please madeline, show us amateurs the proper outfit to wear such a bold piece with!

  6. Love necklaces like these! They are such a great easy way to bring an outfit to the next level without effort.

  7. I like them a lot, but the rest of your outfit has to be very minimal, both in lines and colours.

  8. I can't believe all of these are from JCP!!

  9. I think Sarah hit the nail on the head. Anyone can wear these with ease. Just tone down the rest of the ensemble. I'll try to do a style tip post in the next few weeks.

    I am glad you guys like this post so much!

  10. yes! i found some last summer too. love them. love your blog too! the lovely morgan sent me over.


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