Reader Request: Denim Trousers

I recently got an email request from Meghan,

Hi Madeline,
I have been searching for denim trousers and I need your help. I know, I know, I am the only person on the planet who doesn't own a pair.... but I think I can get away with wearing them at work, so I am going to try.

I love the Downtown Denim Trousers from J.Crew, and wondered if you could find me a more reasonable priced pair that look like trousers, and not jeans (the pair at BR are way to jean-ie looking).

I am not sure if you have already done a post about these, but if you have the time I certainly would appreciate your help. Love the blog - I read it nearly everyday.

Denim trouser are one of my office wear staples. A few years ago, I happened upon a pair of Express Trousers at Ross, and have never looked back. For those of you not willing to dig for (or able to find) a pair that way, here are a few online:

1 - Premium Herringbone Denim Trouser - Dark - Target - $29.99
2 - Crossdyed Denim Trousers - Charlotte Russe - $24.74 (Orig. $32.99)
3 - RVCA Dri Trouser Denim Pant - (hahaha - yep, dogfunk) - $26.69 (Orig. $88.95)

My favorite is definitely #3, even if it's from an online store called What do you guys think about denim trousers? How about the picks? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. They just came out with a pair on DownEast too...they might be too casual for work though.

  2. I love the look of them, but the sadly never fit quite right for me. I find the pockets bulge out in the front and never make my rear look quite as avoid as other jeans. I desperately wish I could pull them off!

  3. Oh man oh man, do I ever love me some denim trousers. I think I would wear them every day if it were socially {or weather-ly} acceptable. I actually bought that exact pair of J. Crew trousers when they were on final sale about a year ago, but they were completely the wrong size and length and I had to sell them on eBay for a loss.

    The ones from Dogfunk do look great. That name, though -- do your clothes arrive smelling like Dogfunk? Because if that's the case, I don't think it's worth it. :)

  4. haha i know its a funny name (dogfunk), but its a great site! you should try, and! you will become addicted!! although they aren't to fashion forward, you get awesome deals!

  5. Plus, if you live in SLC, you can try on the pants before you buy them since is located here.

  6. Great picks!! I don't own denim trousers either - maybe I should get a pair.

  7. oh hooray! i have been excited for days. i can't decide between the target or the dogfunk. i like the darker wash and the super low price. thanks so much madeline! you are the best.

  8. love denim trousers! i have a pair by dockers that are amazing.


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