DownEast Basics: Accessories

I am on a serious accessory kick lately! Yesterday I went to the DownEast Basics website and I decided I needed to do a post on their fabulous accessory selection.

Here are my finds:

1 - Bead & Crystal Bracelet - $7.99
2 - Yellow Bead Necklace - $9.99
3 - Silver Beaded Cuff - $9.99
4 - Graduated Bead Necklace - $12.99
5 - Leather Poppy Hair Pins - $3.99
6 - Beads & Crystal Necklace - $14.99

You can get FREE SHIPPING from DownEast Basics using code: ISLY

And there is a DownEast giveaway over at Melissa's fabulous blog, ISLY. So, head over and enter to win something fantastic.

What is your favorite accessory? I am totally loving those leather poppy hair pins, and you can hardly beat $3.99!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. It's hard not to be on an accessories kick these days; everyone has a line and it's all very affordable. I like to see things in person to check on the quality, though, and that's why I haven't purchased from DownEast. I periodically go to the clearance section at Kohl's and pick up some great finds. My latest is a large black cocktail ring I get compliments on every time I wear it. It was only $5.

  2. Those are all so beautiful and very affordable! #2 is my favorite ~ so very bright and perfect for Spring!

  3. Now those are prices I can afford! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are great! I love #2 and #6 the most.


  5. Hi. I'm a new reader and I love you. The end.


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