Spied: Quarterstrap Jelly Skimmer

Did you guys wear jellies when you were a kid? So many of my young summer days were spent running around and riding bikes in these summery plastic shoes.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on jellies for adults at Urban Outfitters. Forget the pink glitter - these are in a modern shape in a few great colors (2 neutral and 1 bright pop).

Quarterstrap Jelly Skimmer - Urban Outfitters - $14.00

I went into UO to "look at" the blazer I put on my wishlist post on Friday. (I say look at, because I went in with the husband and tried it on. He liked it so much, he insisted I get it. That, my friends, is what I call marital bliss.) After, picking up my peplum blazer, I walked past the shoes and was immediately drawn to these. I ended up buying the purple-grey pair, and I totally love them!

What are your thoughts on jellies? What about these? Leave a comment!

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  1. Ok I must know are these comfy or do they hurt your feet, because I remember back in the day wearing jellies were the worst! Let me know girly because I am LOVING the teal ones!!

  2. I was never allowed to wear jellies as a child, but somehow they don't appeal to me now. My daughter wants a pair, and I won't deny her that fashion rite of passage. But I am soooo happy you got your blazer! You'll have to post a pic of you wearing it.

  3. Cute style, but jellies make your feet so sweaty! Also, I simply can't approve of open-toed flats. I think if you're going to peep-toe, you need to back it up with 4 inch heels.

  4. @meet virginia- I suppose that depends on your definition of comfortable. Are they comfy like slippers or tennis shoes? no. do they give me arch support? not really. do they rub anywhere on my feet (this happens to me all the time). nope. So, with my fairly low expectations, I deem them comfortable.

    @amydear- I have a mess of pictures I need to take in the next week, I will try to include it in the mix.

    @rocketgirl - truth! sweaty feet that on occasion make weird noises when interacting with the sole of the shoe. But, I love peep-toe anything, including a flat, wedge, or heel.

  5. i remember picking rocks out of the bottom of them as a kid.

  6. They're cute, but I'd rather get that style in a different material. I remember so clearly how sweaty jellies made my feet; just looking at those pictures made me cringe!

  7. These are cute!

    I think what I liked best about jellies was that they were easy to keep on, unlike flip flops, but they had that same summery feel. I also loved that they were waterproof and I could splash around in them without ruining them.

    I like the idea of these shoes for those reasons -- you can do all of that without sacrificing style.

    But I do agree with those who mentioned that jellies make their feet sweaty. (And a little smelly, if we're being totally honest.)

  8. Umm.. I don't know.. I was walking around in new orleans in heels (forgot my flats) and desperate to buy flats, walked into UO..their shoes really really suck...the fit is off, the quality is bad and worst of all, they are not even cute when you wear them. BIG FAIL.


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