Trend: Knee Length Skirts

As I mentioned before, I get really excited when I find modest dresses and skirts at the mall. Once again, Forever 21 has a great selection of things to the knee and beyond.

1 -Accordion Striped Skirt - $19.80
2 - Mosaic Handkerchief Hem Maxi Skirt w/ Belt - $22.80
3 - Matelasse Midi Skirt - $12.80
4 - Bold Floral High-Low Skirt - $17.80
5 - Calf Length Skirt - $19.80
6 - Polka Dot Calf Skirt - $19.80

I think my favorite is the high-low floral skirt. Adorable.

Check out my last set of modest finds at Forever 21 here.

What do you think? Which is your favorite?


  1. Check out my the pinterest board I made for a friend who teaches at the MTC and has to have skirts/dresses that cover her knees:

  2. Great finds!! I'm totally crushing on this one though:

  3. You are right F21 is really hitting the modest skirts right on this season!

  4. Oooh, I love these! I'm shocked about F21. I rarely go in there but may have to pay them a visit. I almost always go with something modest. Primarily because I sit all crazy and don't want to show all my goods. ;)


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