Review: Thirty-One Polka Dot Tote

I was given this fabulous thirty-one bag to review. I adore the print (reminds me of these two things). The size and pockets make it the perfect thing to haul baby stuff in when my regular purse isn't up to the challenge. Did I mention how much I love the print?

Here's the deal: 

I am hosting a online Thirty-One party April 1st through April 13th. The proceeds will go to benefit the summer camp for the teenage girls at my church. Thirty-One has tons of totes, purses, and accessories, and most of them can be personalized (Mother's Day, anyone?)

The customer special this month is this: for every $31 you spend you can get any Purse at 1/2 off. 

Click here to view the spring catalog online. To order go here. Please email Laura if you have any questions about your order.

Thanks in advance for you generosity.


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