Review: Freja Toys Teething Necklaces

I am really excited about my new sponsor, Freja Toys. Tanya, the etsy shop owner, hand crochets the most fabulous, brightly colored nursing necklaces. I spotted one on Pinterest and fell in love with it. She also makes bright and funny crochet rattles, and cozy knitted dolls and animals.

Her shop is such a treat and I am so happy to be partnered with her.

{also available in turquoise, purple, and rainbow}

You might not know it from this picture, but Tate has had a great time chewing and pulling on these necklaces. It's so nice not to have to worry about him hurting it.

Tate also got a little something in our package.

{also available in fruit set, carrot, apple, and pear}

Make sure to check out all the goodies at Freja Toys.


  1. Replies
    1. You have no idea how much that means. I haven't had a professional cut or color in 9 months! That color is me experimenting with the cheapest drugstore hair color I could find.

      I may never go to a salon again. :)

  2. You look gorgeous!! Whatever you're doing keep it up! I just got the tangerine tango necklace for my poor teething boy. What a fun sponsor!

  3. LOVE your hair in this post. So pretty. And I love the necklaces, too!

  4. Your hair really does look amazing. I like how you've styled your grown out bangs.

  5. I'm so glad you like the necklace -- that's good to hear! I've been contemplating getting one for a few weeks; maybe when newbaby starts grabbing onto everything and putting things in his/her mouth.

    And I have to echo everyone else and say that you do look absolutely amazing in these pictures, your hair especially!

  6. Those are SO cute. And the darling baby doesn't hurt either.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair! Did you color it lighter? It looks amazing on you! And I LOVE the style!

    1. I did lighten it a bit. It felt pretty subtle so I am glad that you all noticed!

  8. way cool stuff... but i just wanted to say, your hair looks AMAZING in these photos! i love the swoopy bang! you're a hot mom!

  9. your hair is awesome! and your baby is too cute chewing on that knitted corn.


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