Thrift: Cropped Coral Slacks

I hit up the goodwill last week in search of another floral pair of pants to refashion, and I stumbled on these coral cropped slacks. I was amazed at how well they fit - it's not often I thrift anything that fits like a glove. That should be my new goal, because my sewing pile is large enough.

I am especially happy with how the backside of these fit. I can just imagine Stacy and Clinton turning me around and commenting on the lovely lift these pants give me. (Did anyone else used to obsessively watch What Not to Wear?)

  thrifted slacks - $6 | another option here | and here 
thrifted vintage heels - $7 | similar here | here | and here
j.crew belt - $1.50 | another option here
vintage bracelet - inherited | similar here | and here

What do you think? Have you thrifted anything good lately?


  1. I thrifted an almost identical pair from J crew the other week and I'm wearing them right now!

  2. oh, they are great. perfect on trend color too. i thrifted a great midi skirt recently, and a jacket that i took apart and used as a pattern to sew one. its been a little while though so i am getting the thrifting itch again.

  3. Love your braid!
    That's a tutorial we need to see! :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. Not used too - still do! If I happen to catch an episode of What Not to Wear, I'm hooked for the next hour, at least :)

    Lovely pants - really impressed with your thrifting skills! :)

  5. Oh i love the whole outfit! I really want to Ty doing that braid you have going on but it seems intimidating!

  6. Those are so cute! I rarely thrift pants but you've inspired me to take a peek around the trouser section more often. Also, the shoes are amazing!


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