Snapshots: The Storm

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me freaking out about the crazy face weather we had in South Texas yesterday. It started with a long night of Tate being restless and an epic thunderstorm, only to be woken up by an early morning phone call informing me that a good friend's house had been hit by a tornado. Yeah, did not see that coming. (They are all safe, but the house sustained a fair amount of damage and flooding.)

As the morning continued it went from rainy to down right scary. The garage started to flood and the ditch in front of the house filled with water faster than a bath tub. Before I knew it the entire front yard was submerged.

And then, the rain slowed and the water retreated. Just like that.

I have never been more relieved.

Also, on a random side note. This is my 1,000 post.
How that is possible, I have no idea. But thanks for making it happen.


  1. Glad you and your family are fine. I can't believe how much water there is in the last photo!

  2. Crazy Texas storms. I'm still not used to them after living here for 2+ years. Glad you guys are safe. I'm sorry to hear about your friends house.

    Happy 1,000th post! :)

  3. That's Texas weather for sure! Just wait til hurricane season :) I grew up walking down the road swimming after storms like this!


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