Look for Less: J.Crew Leather Capri Sandals

I love wearing flip flops. I don't do it that often (unless I am in Alaska and dressing really casually). The thing that I don't like about the rubber flip flops I have is that they tend to make me feel a little sloppy or undone. I think these would go a long way to making me feel a bit more put together.

Neon Leather Capri Sandal - J.Crew - $49.50
Shimmerveil Leather Capri Sandals - J.Crew - $49.50
Faux Leather Thong Sandals - Old Navy - $9.50

What do you guys think of the look? Is it something you wear? How about the look for less? Leave a comment!

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  1. i have a similar pair of ON sandals from 2 years ago that i love. the only problem is that i love them so much that the sole split. nothing a little super glue can't fix though. i hear that's common with their sandals.

  2. No flip flops are worth $50. Even if they are from J Crew! The ON ones are great!

  3. I would definitely prefer the Old Navy sabdals, I love flats for some looks but love the savings even more.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  4. The J. Crew flip-flops aren't worth the cash. (They do go on super sale all the time though, so watch for that in-stores!)


  5. i have two of these old navy flip flops. one in black, and one in neon pink. i love them. well, i love the look of them. they're not the most comfortable things to wear though. i think it's because the straps are so narrow, and the soles are so stiff. but i don't let that stop me. because...hello, NEON PINK! ;D
    but naturally, if the jcrew are the same deal, i'd definitely not spend the extra money.


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