Friday Wishlist: All Yours Blazer

I have said it before and I'll say it again, I need a blazer. I have been searching, but perhaps not as fervently as I could. I have realized a couple of things. I prefer 3/4 sleeve length to any other and I need it to be on the shorter side, not cropped, but hit where my hips start.

I found this and I think it meets every criteria but one, my budget!

All Yours Blazer - Anthropologie - $128

Do you guys have a blazer you love? Any tips on finding one?

What do you think? What's your fashion dream this week? Leave a comment!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. actually, yes. Back in 2008 I got a blazer from Kohls- It was in the juniors work section. It's a long sleeve blazer with slight shoulder pads, and it came belted with a thick black belt. It's black with a subtle pinstripe. I roll the sleeves up and wear it all the time (sans belt) and it's probably the most used item I own- not bad for ~$25!

    I want to recommend- if you want a blazer, go for a long sleeved-one that isn't made of stiff fabric. You can roll them up to the elbow, make it 3/4 sleeve, fold it for bracelet length, wear it long, etc. Much more versatile. Also, try no to go for the oversized boyfriend one if you're on a budget. Mine fits really well, and it looks good buttoned up and hanging open. It's good enough for a pantsuit, or to substitute a boyfriend blazer for a rocker-chic kind of look.

    Here are some posts from my blog here to look at with me in my blazer:

  2. Aaah! I just love the sleeves on that blazer!! Anthropologie, why do you do this to me?

  3. I agree with Meli22- long sleeves in the right fabric can be very versatile. Or, if you find a cheaper version of the blazer pictured in your post, but with long sleeves, you could always have the sleeves hemmed to the length you like. It's not an expensive alteration. Good luck!

  4. That blazer us adorable!! Maybe when it goes on sale?
    I have quite a collection of blazers, and my favorites are actually from khols!
    Is it wrong to love a poly blend?

  5. I've never owned a blazer because my arms are so long that long sleeves almost never fit me. Now that 3/4 sleeves are on everything, life is so much easier. That is a beautiful Anthropologie blazer.

    My fashion dream this week is to get filthy rich so I can buy everything that appeals to me without a second thought (OK, that's my dream every week).

  6. Ok, you have convinced me. I will try Kohl's.

    But I am still not sold on long sleeves guys, I don't like long sleeves on blazers, I promise. haha

  7. hit your nearest thrift store and check out the boys section. they always have great blazers that are fitted and 3/4s sleeve. because they were made for 10 yr old boys. seriously! i have a bunch of them i found that way!

  8. I have hit both the Sugarhouse and 700 S DI and I haven't been able to find anything that fits me (either too small or too big). But I am keeping my eyes open.

  9. Has anyone checked Target lately? I happened to walk by a blazer that looked very similar to this one today at Target, and it came in multiple you might try there. I think it was around $30.

  10. H&M had a few on sale this weekend, I got one for $35, but it's long sleeved, though has a striped lining so looks cute rolled up or could be altered. And it's also not too long, a problem I had with most blazers!


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