LOFT Spring Sweater Sale

This morning I got an email from AT LOFT telling me about their spring sweater sale. The participating styles are all just $20!

Here are a few that I would love to take home:

1 - V-Neck Cardigan $20 (Orig. $39.50)
2 - Double Layer Placket Cardigan $20 (Orig. $44.50)
3 - Woven Trim Cardigan $20 (Orig. $49.50)
4 - Twist Neck Pullover $20 (Orig. $39.50)

What do you guys think? Is this promo enticing to you? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. yes this is definitely enticing! I always wear cardigans and $20 for a better quality one is great. Will be checking them out :)

    thanks for sharing!

  2. I would definitely love to own some of these sweaters, and $20 certainly isn't bad! I love your picks.

  3. I clicked on the link before finishing reading your post! ha ha. I am quite intrigued. Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. Don't forget to enter my Peruvian Feather Earring GIVEAWAY!!!!


  4. It's very enticing, actually! Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Thanks for the post - I like the versatility of cardigans and simple elegance but not the price (usuall) - after reading - headed out to Loft and got the #3 in the ballet pink (and the Stretch Canvas Pants with Belt for $15 - fit was amazing and a navy cotton jacket that fit like a dream). The navy jacket had an applique in a white with navy striped material - hopefully it won't be something I can wear fro a few years (instead of just being an old trendy item). Thanks again! :)


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