Free Shipping at F21

Forever 21 is offering Free Shipping until Sunday, no minimum. This never happens. Also, they are having a crazy sale.

I just bought this cardigan that I have blogged about here and here:

H81 Angora Blend Cardigan - Forever 21 - $12.99 (Orig. $26.90)

Use coupon code: WEMISSYOU10 to get the deal.

Is this enough to get you to buy something? Leave a comment!

PS- Thanks to the reader who formspringed this deal to me!


  1. I got the e-mail telling about the sale earlier this week and haven't gotten a chance to look yet. Thanks for reminding me!!

  2. I love that cardigan! So pretty!

  3. ah!! stupid budget. I'm forcing myself not to look at the sale because I'm not supposed to be buying stuff :(

    Free shipping always makes me want to buy everything I can... and hope that they fit. but then again, I could just drive down to the store and actually try on stuff before I buy it... so long as they have it in stock and in my size. :)

  4. I'd buy that cardi for that deal! It's well priced. I like that color too!

  5. I was watching for that cardigan to go on sale, even though it wasn't too bad to begin. I, like you, was unable to resist and snatched it up! It's too bad the pink tank is out of stock at Gap or I'd get that too.

  6. i got 2 for 7.99 today :D


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