I'm So Excited: Shade Summer Line

Today Shade posted a little sneak peak of things to come in their summer line. Isn't this skirt adorable? (Especially paired with coral and yellow):

Are you guys as excited as I am for this (and the other goodies) to come from Shade this summer? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. ohhh i love the new photos they just posted. i am dying over the new skirts. so cute!
    ps. love your blog!

  2. Me too!! Can't wait for spring!!

  3. love it! high waist skirts are my FAVE.

  4. yes. I'm excited to have more money to spend on Shade...also I'm waiting for another sale...they are really developing a sense of fashion over there...some are misses but there are more hits. It feels weird to be with them from the beginning and to know where they started and where they are now...fashion-wise. can't wait to see it all...and the swim!

  5. I just love summer clothes, period! That skirt is darling, though.


  6. WHEN ARE THEY POSTING THE SKIRT?!?!?! I've been going back to the website every day and am waiting...while drooling...hahaha


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