I'm So Excited: Liberty of London at Target

I know I am not the first person on the blogosphere to mention Liberty of London's impending joining with Target. It's everywhere. But I really want to get my hands on the dress shown below:

{image from Oprah Magazine via JCA}

That happy little shift dress is only $35! Check out more preview items at the J.Crew Afficianada post from which this came.

Are you guys as excited as I am for this (and the other goodies) to come from Liberty of London on March 14th? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I thought it was March 14th? I'm super excited too, I want some of the dishes and I'm thinking about the bike...I think I could save up and get it?!

  2. You are right! That's what I meant. It's corrected now.

  3. Yes yes yes yes yes, I love that dress. And $35? Awes-credible {as my husband would say}.


  4. I totally tried that dress on in the store not too long ago (at least I'm pretty sure I did). It wasn't an ideal shape for my body, but I loved the print!


  5. That is a very good price on that dress because Liberty of London fabric is very expensive itself.

  6. I wish there were a Target closer to me so I could check it out!


  7. @Elaine - I know what you mean. I don't hit Target very often because it's either Fort Union or Davis County and neither are very convenient. But for this dress, I'll definitely make the drive!

  8. Oh I'm so excited! Sometimes I feel like the Targets around my house come out with the lines a day or so early. I think I might have to stop by Target on the 13th just to be sure. Cant wait! :)


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