I Could Do That: J.Crew Art Tee

When this shirt popped up in the sale section, I started looking at it very closely. I decided that I could do it myself.

Hand-Cut Flower Art Tee - $29.99 (Orig. $45.00)

I went to my closet and found a white v-neck tee (find budget options at forever 21 and wetseal) that wasn't getting much use, and grabbed some extra fabric left over from this project and got cracking.

First, I sketched out a pattern for the flowers and cut them out of the orange fabric (If anyone wants my "pattern" just email me).

I pinned them on the shirt. Then I sewed them on using a straight stitch on the longest stitch length.

I ironed on freezer paper to the inside of the shirt to work as a stabalizer before I used a contrasting color zig zag on a very short stitch length to add the 'pollen'. (Remove the freezer paper before wearing).

Here's the finished product:

I think this would look great with any number of color combinations. What fabric do you have hanging around? Tweed, old knit tees that or worn out? Cut them up and put them to use. I am planning to do this again on a heather gray tee with brown silk in the shape of a bird. The options for this method are endless.

What do you guys think? Anything you guys are craving to make yourselves this week? Leave a comment!

Happy Sewing!

PS - I wanted to point you to a few DIY's from the ladies at Academichic. E & A both embellished cardigans by hand last week, and what they did seems totally doable.


  1. Wow, that shirt looks great! Nice job! very, very cute.

  2. love the shirt and a little diy! looks great!

    i'm just itching to make something!

  3. Thats a great idea and well done. I would suggest using another color besides white though.

  4. That is awesome! I wish that I was that crafty!

  5. very interesting pictures, i like em a lot. quite inspiring. I also do DIY stuff, maybe you can have a look if you will.

    Best Wishes, Vigdis


  6. WOW~ you're amazing!! Great job!

  7. I'm impressed; when I first saw this shirt, my thought was also "I think I could do that." But I am neither as crafty nor as good at following up on ideas as you are. :) Great DIY!


  8. Nicely done- I love a good DIY!


  9. Thanks. I'm going to try this.

  10. I love it! I actually like yours better than the original!

  11. Not only does it look great but some of us moms can get more use out of our kid-stained shirts and use the flowers as consealer.

  12. Thanks everyone! I am glad you all like it as much as I do. And I promise it's not as hard or time consuming as most of the projects I undertake.

    @Anonymous- That's a great idea! You can take something stained and unwearable and make it into something fabulous!

  13. Probably a silly question, as I'm not much of a sewer...How come your flower edges aren't frayed?

  14. @Anonymous- They are starting to fray as I wear it. I actually like the look of that so it's ok by me. If you use a fabric that is prone to fray (and you don't want it to) I suggest using something called 'fray check' its a liquid you can buy at the craft store that keeps things from fraying.

    And just an FIY if you did this project using a knit (an old t-shirt or the like) it won't fray, though the edges tend to roll a bit.

    Thanks for your question, I hope that helped!

  15. i saw this shirt the other day and was thinking of making one up! yours turned out very cute. i think i will find a cute v neck and get to work.

  16. I love your shirt! Very clever to use the freezer paper for a stabilizer. I'm going to be trying that!

  17. I just found your blog via Academichic, and I LOVE IT. This is a great idea! It made me start thinking...I have a shirt that I love that has a tiny, but visible, hole right in the front, and your project gave me the idea to crochet some flowers to sew over the hole for cover. I'm starting grad school soon, so I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of your blog!

  18. genius! thanks for the tutorial.


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