Weekend Round-Up

Retail tidbits for this week:

I got this coupon in my inbox this week:

The deal is good through June 1st.

I saw this on a post over at Your Heart Out about a new line called Bright Side from Shade Clothing.

A few of the shirts I thought were cute:

The shirts are $20, which seems like it's not that cheap, but 50% of the net proceeds of the line goes to United Way. So, think of it this way, you are paying $10 for the Tee and giving $10 to families in need everytime you buy one. Sounds more reasonable doesn't it?

That's it for this week. I hope you all have lovely weekends,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Hello fellow blogger. I found your website via academichic.com. That is pretty cool you're from SLC because I am too! And my hsuband is also in architecture. That is a coincidence, no? Check out my blog at clothedmuch.blogspot.com. And I"ll have to check out payless now because of that coupon! Thanks!

  2. No, I don't live in the Avenues. I live a few blocks from the library. It is exciting to find SLC bloggers! Maybe I'll see you around town...!! But maybe we won't recognize each other and just walk past and wonder if it really was the other........


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