Uber-chic just hit 10,000 hits (not that I pay attention to that sort of thing)....

Thanks for being great readers!


  1. of course it did, this blog is awesome!

  2. Wow! That's amazing Madeline! Not to say that I'm surprised. You rock!

  3. Sometimes its fun to watch a number - like when your car is at 39,998 miles on the odometer, and each time you open the car door, you think, "Will this be the time when it hits the next big milestone."

    (Sarah says I shouldn't try to be funny in my comments - I say it was more an attempt at being philosophical. Some of the great poems of the last fifty years have been written by poets at milestones - I don't know why, but I think that's funny... Maybe I should write a poem about an odometer.)

    Anyways congratulations on the 10,000, you deserve it, and there is no shame if you did indeed watch the number (even if it was just a little bit, if you might have accidentally watched it a little, if you did, that is). I think it's wonderful so many other people enjoy your work.


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