Victoria Secret Clearance Sale

My friend Ali sent me this link and, boy, am I glad she did. Victoria Secret is offering extra discounts on their already discounted clearance items.

Here are my favorites:

1 - Stretch Pencil Skirt $11.99 (orig. $59.50)
2 - Striped Skirt $14.99 (orig. $59.50) {Not usually a fan of full skirts, but I love this}
3 - Stretch Twill Bootleg Pants $11.99 (orig. $49.50)
4 - Silk & Cashmere Tie-Back Sweater $11.99 (orig. $68.00)
5 - Bootcut Twill Pants $11.99 (orig. $29.50)
6 - Merino Wool Puff-Sleeve Turtleneck Sweater $23.39 (orig. $58.00)

Don't forget the coupon (code: 40XTRA) is good for 40% off of 1 item only. Also, if you spend $100 or more use coupon code: MORESAVE, for a discount of $20 off.

What do you all think of these finds? Have you purchased items other than intimates at Victoria's Secret before? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. i usually get my bathing suites from victoria secret b/c they're more affordable and i've always been happy with them. never tried the clothing.

  2. I love the striped skirt!!! I really want to get it. That is the skirt the inspired me to tell you. :) Awesome picks madeline. ps. do you know of any place to get a cute swim suit?

  3. What kind of swimsuit are you looking for? Full piece, tankini, bikini? What's your poison?

  4. I'll do some research for you...

  5. I love love love the skirt too!

  6. I'm kind of sad; I couldn't find that skirt in stores and my size is no longer in stock online.

    Do you think you could find any other skirts that are similar? If so, thanks!!!!

  7. I am seeing most sizes available online. So, it would help me help you find something similar if I know what size to look for. If you don't want to post your size to the world email me at uberchicforcheap (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks for reading!

  8. I stand corrected. It appears that all the sizes are available until you try to buy one. It's actually sold out. Sorry for not thorougly checking it out.


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