Go Bold

I read an interesting post over at Already Pretty (that I found via academichic). It was full of advice on how to be fabulous. But, my favorite thing said was this:

Go bold:
Choose hefty accessories, wild prints, statement shoes. Chunky, funky, and fantastic. And give not a moment's thought to whether or not you can pull it off - believe that you can, and you can.

I love it, every word. And I try to do this (especially with accessories) every day. Here are a few bold things I am digging:

1 - Jeweled Medallions Necklace - $6.80 - Forever 21
2 - Paisley Lucite Bangle - $4.80 - Forever 21
3 - Fab Canvas Floral Wallet - $9.80 - Forever 21
4 - Leopard Kitten Heel - $13.99 - GOjane
5 - Knotted Serpentine Necklace - $7.80 - Forever 21
6 - Patent Heel - $16.99 (orig. $19.99) - GOjane

1 - Satin Floral Pleat Dress - $24.80 -Forever 21
2 - Fab Colored Skinny Jean - $13.50 - Forever 21
3 - Arlene Chiffon Top - $15.80 - Forever 21
4 - Ikat Slvls Top - $12.80 - Forever 21
5 - Doreen Printed Dress - $19.80 - Forever 21
6 - Fab Straight Leg Color Jean - $12.50 - Forever 21

So what do you guys think about going bold? Do you do it? Do you wish you did? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Love it. Chunky, funky, fantastic. That's awesome. I have a friend who once told me that you can pull of anything if you believe you can. I don't think I've quite embraced that mentality, but it's nice to know that if I find something I love I shouldn't be afraid to try. With that advice given again now, maybe I'll try? Probably not, but it's empowering to think that I can.

  2. great advice (sometimes i have to remind myself that i can, indeed, pull something off). maybe i should start with those yellow pants!

  3. such great advice and i totally agree! love the bold, love the funkiness, love it all!


  4. i sure love the dresses and the top here!


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