Anthropologie: Deals & Steals

I found a few great things on clearance over at Anthropologie:

1 - White Pasque Tank $39.95 (orig. $78.00)
2 - Slim Stripe Pants $49.99 (orig. $88.00)
3 - Possibilities Cardigan $39.95 (orig. $78.00) - see some of the possibilites over at this post at Academichic
4 - Pigmented Canvas Trousers $49.99 (orig. $88.00)
5 - Tansy Tee $39.95 (orig. $68.00) - I love this one
6 - Stone & Cloud Skirt $49.95 (orig. $99.00)

What do you guys think? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. i'm liking the brown top. great post!

  2. I love Anthropologie and wish I could afford it but I think i could get 5 shirts with just the price of one of those items!! Maybe when I am rich... hahaha

  3. I know what you mean! Anthropologie is more of a store of admiration and inspiration than a place I buy things at (in fact I have never purchased anything from there). I did score an anthro cardigan at a consignment shop awhile ago though.

  4. I really love anthropologie, but it's usually super expensive. Those are great finds.

  5. I went to Old Navy this weekend oblivious the flip flop mania was going on. That's what I get for not checking your blog. It was insane, but I did get some $1 flip flops.

  6. I love love anthropologie but the thing with anthropologie is, is that they are one of a kind pieces. Its a place you go shopping to find something extra ordinary and special. It's a style that is very expensive, but ok if you purchase something say two/three times a year.
    I also agree with madeline, it is a place of inspiration. Sometimes I will go into the store just so I can get idea's- how to put different colors and patterns together. I have purchased a few items from anthropologie and they are definitley items I have keeped for a long period of time..."quality over quantity". Love the picks madeline! good work.

  7. I love #5! I think synch waists are very femanine and fun. Something different from just a ordinary tee. I have one and I either wear it with a belt or without. Looks great both ways.

  8. anthropologie never disappoints, especially anthropologie on sale! and I love white for the summer, it seems so fresh and relaxed.

  9. oh my goodness. love that gray and white skirt!


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