Reader Question & a Confession

Yesterday, I got a wonderfully complimentary comment from reader, Lauren. Beyond that she had a question (regarding the sandals in my Memorial Day post):

"...I ask just to see if you know, where did this shape of sandal come from? It is all over the place ... and I have a feeling that everybody didn't just come up with the same idea at the same time. Did a super-influential designer send it down the runways? or have these shoes been all over Europe? I'd love if you would follow this up-it would be a great start for a series of posts about designer looks for the budget concious. Thanks!"

Should I be ashamed to admit this? I have absolutely no idea where this shape comes from. I did find a "look for less" post on these sandals from several months ago. It lists a designer origin of DV by Dolce Vita. They are being sold at Piperlime for $49.99. Also, if you are looking for designer look-a-likes for less, an awesome source is a blog called The Look 4 Less.

Onto the confession.... are you guys excited? Ok, seriously. My confession is I know very little about designer fashion. I don't know the lines or most of the people who create them. I didn't even know what J.Crew was until about a year ago. Are you shocked? Anyway. I am learning as much about midrange and higher-end fashion as I can, as I try to give you the best looks for the best value. But the way I see it, we are on this journey together. Thanks for allowing me to take it with a few readers along for the ride. You guys are awesome.

Also, if any of you know more about the sandal shape in question, expand our community knowledge by leaving a comment!


  1. I think that all the designers catch a certain look or shape from each-other and incorporate it into there own style. Donald J. Plinar is another designer who did a similar shape sandal to the one posted.
    Then stores like Old Navy, Target, etc., find companies (probably in china) who have copied and re- made that same sandal only for cheaper. Each store has buyers and I assume they all bought them from the same company. Just recently i saw the same hats they were selling at Anthropologie for $28 dollars, where being sold over at urban blues for $10. Just goes to show you how ripped off you can get from some stores:) Im sure that same sandal that is posted, are all the same shoe you have been seeing only sold at different store's but listed at different prices.

  2. That last post was from

  3. Hello Madeline, greetings from Spain!

    I am afraid I don't know who designed or invented this kind of sandal shape, but I can tell you that they have been like "best sellers" here in Spain for many years. You can find them in any colour and in many shapes, as simple as the one in the picture or more with a more elaborated pattern. Besides, you can wear them with everything IF you take care of your feet (some people forget about it and it is pretty disgusting).

    PS: It's a pleasure to read you!

  4. Ali and Reader from Spain (I am so excited to get an international comment!) I am happy to have such knowledgeable readers. I hope Lauren got the answers she was looking for.

    Thanks for reading and sharing!


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