One Outfit

It has been awhile since I have assembled an outfit of my own without taking something from somewhere and doing it for less, so I thought I would do that today. As you all should know by now, I love a good pattern... and I found a great one to build this outfit around (all for close to $70):

Jamie Sweater Cardigan - $17.80 - Forever 21

Natural Floral Suspended Halter Tank - $18.50 - Old Navy

White Stretch Slacks - $15.00 (orig. $36.00) - the 15 Dollar Store

Raspberry Kitten Heel - $19.99 (orig. $24.99) - Payless Shoesource

What do you all think? Would you wear it? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love this outfit, everything about it from the pretty pumps to the patterned top! Great eye in putting these together! S.

  2. yup,i would wear this to work (b/c the short sleeved cardigan wouldn't show my shoulders, and then later for drinks where i could remove the cardigan. nicely done.

  3. i like it. i would give it a try for sure! i really like the shoes!

  4. I love each of these pieces for different reasons, but I really do like each one. I am in desperate need of a basic short sleeve cardigan (I only have 2 and they aren't basic). I, of course, love the pattern on the tank. I believe that every woman should own a pair of white slacks. They are awesome and versatile and summery and I just love them. And who doesn't want a pair of raspberry kitten heels. I love kitten heels, they transition seemlessly from work to evening to weekend, if you ask me. :D

    Thanks for all your kind comments!

  5. Love this outfit! The colors go together so well, and the cardigan is perfect for those who would rather not show shoulder. Write more posts like this? :)

  6. Loving your blog!
    I hate when I read magazines that say things like Fashion on a budget, then they show you an $800 outfit, and the "bargain" for "under $300".
    It's like, who are they talking to!?
    You have some great finds.. and I love Forever21!

  7. deepikaur-
    I will definately keep these posts as a staple of the blog (I am sorry I went so long without one)

    That is EXACTLY why I started this blog. I am glad you are enjoying it!


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