Flat Sandals

For the last year, flat sandals have been everywhere. Rumor has it they hit the scene in the Sex and the City movie last summer, and haven't gone away. As with most trends, I really didn't like them at first, but now they are starting to grow on me. I even tried on this pair this weekend while shopping.

I have gathered a few budget friendly pairs of flat sandals for you all:

1. Perforated Stud Gladiator Sandal - $15.20 - GOjane
2. T-Strap Gladiator Sandal - $12.60 - Gojane
3. Classified Chili Flats - $19.99 - Cutesygirl
4. Criss-Cross Buckle Sandal - $13.20 - GOJane
5. Classified Gadish Flats - $18.99 - Cutesygirl
6. Studded Shield Buckle Sandal - $13.40 - GOjane

What do you all think of gladiator sandals? Do you wear them? If so, with what? Do you wish you could pull them off, or do you wish the trend would run it's course already? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading, and as always,

Happy Shopping!


  1. Eh... I'm not sure how I feel about these. I tend to shy away from anything that masculine-looking. I think they can be cute, but I don't think I would wear them.

  2. I know what you mean, I also tend to shy away from masculine pieces. My favorite of the ones I gathered is 3. It's less substantial, and with the stud details I think it reads pretty feminine.

    My problem is knowing what to pair them with... and whether I should bother. haha

  3. I have to admit, I really don't like the gladiator sandals! I used to work at Payless a few years ago and the started trickling in then and I couldn't believe people were buying them! Ha ha! Sorry to anyone who does like them! :)

  4. i have a pair and i love them. they're white from uo and they're so comfy. they're not bulky or masculine. flat sandals get me through the summer (but we are talking about two different things here, flat and gladiator?) i would wear all of your picks, no doubt.

  5. I love Gladiator sandals. I think the trick is finding the right ones for you. I think the strappier they are the more masculine they can feel. I think something more like a T- strap can be more dainty across the foot. I love your picks, they are really cute!

  6. I meant to say a single T-strap is more dainty, like your #3.

  7. i love flat sandals, but not gladiators. i can't get over the name; they always make me think of Russell Crowe, so that's why i hate them. i'm more of a ballet flats kind of girl, anyway.

  8. I actually LOVE gladiator sandals. They are much more interesting than boring old flip flops. Also, they remind me of my Classics nerd days in high school. I wear mine with skirts or capri pants.

    It is hard to find affordable ones that have actually comfortable soles - but it looks like you have succeeded here!

  9. Sarah- I thought it was interesting that you said they remind you of your Classics nerd days in high school... Flat sandals remind me of 7th grade. I don't think they were in style at the time but my family went to Guatemala and I got a sweet handmade camel colored leather pair and I wore them every warm day that year. Funny thing is I found them at my mom's house last weekend and they still fit! Score one for team cheap and awesome.

  10. Wow!! Outstanding designs of those flat sandals... I would like to pick the black pair!!


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