Thrift: Green Skinnies

I lucked into these green skinny jeans at Goodwill a few months ago and I just love the color.

Old Navy Tee - $6 | similar here | here | and here 
Thrifted Colored Jeans - $3 | similar here (on sale) | here | and here
Old Navy Belt - $8 | similar here (on sale) | and here
Street Vendor Bracelet - $3 | similar here | and here 
Vintage Clip-Ons Earrings - $2 | similar here | and here
Ricky Wedges (on sale!) c/o Blowfish Shoes
hair tutorial

Have you thrifted anything good lately?


  1. Those are perfect! Despite my searching, all the fun colored denim I find in thrift shops tends to have weird '90s crotch lengths or something to date them, but these look current and snazzy!

    I found three excellent button-downs last week after a long dry spell of nothing fitting correctly. Funny how thrifting works like that!

  2. oh man! I've been on the hunt for green skinnies for ages! Those are perfect!

  3. Perfect color! I love them, and I'm so jealous you got them for $3!

  4. You look adorable and you are so skinny with a baby! You go girl! You find clothes even cheaper than I do! I don't have good thrift stores, so I rely on garage sales and target!!

  5. And they look so good on you!!!

  6. Your posts always remind me that I need to be shopping at Old Navy! Those jeans are awesome. :)

  7. What a lucky find!!! Haven't been thrifting in like 3 weeks(gasp!!) Must thrift soon....

  8. Thrifting during the summer with all of my kids just did not happen. It gives me hives just thinking about it. I really want to go again soon. A month or two ago I thrifted a J Crew cardigan (cashmere!) for $6 and a J Crew sequin tank for $4. It was awesome! Love your outfit! Green jeans are a lot more versatile than I thought they would be- I've loved mine. I'm on the hunt for some cute yellow ones now.

  9. I can never find trendy items like colored jeans when I thrift. Lucky you!!!

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