Our Life: iPads and Apps

The sound of an iPad screen shattering is remarkably similar to the sound of a heart breaking.

As we were packing up to come home to Utah, my iPad screen bit the dust.

I was especially nervous because the iPad was a key component in Operation: Distract Tate on the Airplane.
We all know the kid gets absorbed into the iPad.

I had just downloaded some new (free! y'all know I don't pay for apps) apps for the iPad: Micky Mouse Club House Road Rally and Jake's Never Land Pirate School. Luckily, the apps also work on my iPhone so I was still armed tools of distraction on the plane.

Did you know Disney Junior WATCH makes full length episodes of its popular shows available online at www.watchdisneyjunior.com and via the Disney Junior WATCH app on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch?
  • It’s totally free.
  • Comcast Xfinity subscribers have access to premiere content, including a live feed of the network online and through the app.  After the live feed, current shows will be available “on demand”. Perfect if you’re in the middle of a show and need to run out to do errands.  No complaints from the kids that they’ll miss the end of their show. Or perhaps there are several kids in a family who like different programs.  One can watch on the TV, while the other watches on their favorite device. Missed their favorite show?  They’ll have up to 10 days to catch up on WATCH!
  • Fans who aren’t on Comcast can contact their cable provider to ask for the service via the website or the app.
Join ,us August 8th at 9 PM EST for a Disney Junior Twitter party! You could win an iPad. RSVP at http://bit.ly/QsXDE2 and use the hashtags #spon and #mackidtips

A big thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.


  1. Ack! I would feel the exact same way if it were my Kindle or laptop. Very sadface.

    (Also, Hi! Longtime lurker, new commenter and am loving on your blog along with all of the fashion tips for the budget conscious. Thanks!)

  2. Sad! I dropped my iphone TWICE in water within one month. Luckily its a trooper and survived both times.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'm always on the lookout for apps for my daughter (14months). Love that these are free too!!! Bummer about your iPad :(


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